Vesrah Brake Pad Shape VD 969 SRJL 17
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Vesrah Brake Pad Bed In Recommendation Rotor Surface Preparation
Vesrah Brake Pad SRJL-17 Compound Information
Vesrah Brake Pad Shape VD 969
Brake Pad 1 Bike Set Equals 2 Calipers of Brake Pads

Vesrah VD-969 SRJL-17

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1 Order = Pads for 2 Calipers
 Super SRJL-17 Compound Brake Pads
Listed Price for 1 bike set (2 Calipers) of FRONT brake pads!!!
Vesrah Part Number: VD-969
Pad Material Type: SRJL 17
Pad Thickness 8.3mm [Please check your application carefully]
Fits Brembo Calipers: 108mm Radial Monobloc Caliper : P4 32/36
Brembo P/N: XA3B830 / XA3B831 (PDF Link) (Titanium Hardware / Titanium Pistons)
108mm Radial Monobloc Caliper : P4 32/36
Brembo P/N: XA3B860 / XA3B861 (PDF Link) (Steel Hardware / Aluminum Pistons)
108mm Radial Monobloc Caliper : P4 32/36
Brembo P/N: X973760 / X973761 (PDF Link)
100mm CNC Monobloc Radial Caliper : P4 32/36
Brembo P/N: XA7G240 / XA7G241 (Nickel Coating) (PDF Link)
Brembo P/N: XA7G210 / XA7G211 (Hard Anodized) (PDF Link)
108mm Radial Monobloc Caliper : GP4 RR
Brembo P/N: XA93310 / XA93311 (PDF Link)
40mm Axial Monobloc Caliper : P4 32/36
Brembo P/N: X101740 / X101741
Similar Brembo & Ferodo Pad
Code Numbers
Brembo Z1 Pad : P/N: 107.6848.20 (107684820)
Pad Thickness : 8.35mm
Brembo Z1 Pad : P/N: 107.6848.30 (107684830)
Pad Thickness : 8.4mm
Brembo Z4 Pad : P/N: M028Z04
Pad Thickness : 8.0mm
Brembo Z4 Pad : P/N: M038Z04
Pad Thickness : 8.0mm
Brembo Racing Z04 Pads : P/N: 107.A486.02 (107A48602)
Pad Thickness : 9.3mm
Brembo Racing Z04 Pads : P/N: 107.A486.03 (107A48603)
Pad Thickness : 8.0mm
Ferodo : Code 408 [ FRP408P / FRP408ST / FRP408XRAC ]
Pad Shape & Size Pad Shape - VD969/2 SRJL - Brake Pad
Notes: Please check your application carefully for the correct Brembo Pad and maximum pad thickness.
Due to Brembo Racing Calipers being a "Universal Fit" and various rotor thicknesses,
maximum pad thickness is different from application to application, pad thickness differs from application to application.
Vesrah SRJL-17 Compound Information:

Vesrah is considered one of the top racing brake pads manufactures. 

The SRJL-17 Brake Pad compound is the preferred choice for Experienced Racers looking for greater brake performance with lower lever effort.  Some racers say SRJL-17 Brake Pads allow easy one finger braking.
  • Strong initial "bite" giving the brakes a more powerful feel.
  • Brake performance has a linear feel.
  • Pad compound is resistant to fade related to heat buildup.
  • No Bedding in of the pad is required before usage.
Pad Bed In Recommendation: strongly recommends preparing your rotors when switching over from other brands of brake pads to Vesrah pads.  Rotor surface preparation of sanding the rotor surface is strongly recommended.  Surface preparation is to remove any residue from the previous pad used, so the new pads will preform at their maximum capability.
California Proposition 65 Warning: California Proposition 65 Warning
Updated: December 2023

  • P4 32/36 (Code XA7G210/11) - [Model: 100mm Radial CNC Monobloc Caliper]
  • P4 32/36 (Code XA7G240/41) - [Model: 100mm Radial CNC Monobloc Caliper]
  • P4 32/36 (Code X973760/61) - [Model: Radial CNC Monobloc Caliper]
  • GP4 RR (Code XA93310/11) - [Model: Radial CNC Monoblock Caliper]

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