Dzus D8 14 mm D Ring Bolt Rivet On Black 4 Pack
Dzus D8 14 mm D-Ring Rivet On 4 Pack Black

4pc: OEM Plastic Bodywork, DZUS (D8), D-Ring, Rivet-On, Black, WL=14mm

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Complete 4pcs Kit for attaching OEM motorcycle bodywork together.  14mm Dzus® bolts are longer to fit plastic bodywork, or 3 panels of fiberglass bodywork together.  Rivet Plates work in areas where a clip plate does do not fit.  Rivet plates are wider than clip plates for mounting on tabs and/or bodywork
Kit Includes:
4 - 6mm D-Ring Panex D8 Fasteners Length: 14mm
Coating: Zinc Plate with BLACK Chromate
4 - 6mm rivet on Panex D8 Retainers Coating: Zinc Plate with Chromate
10 - Pop Rivets For attaching Rivet on Retainers
2 extra pop rivets just in case
10 - Retaining Washers. Material: High density polyethylene
2 extra washers for your tool box
Note: Street bikes OEM bodywork mounting tabs most likely will require some modification for most motorcycles.  This is a "Do It Yourself" KIT and removal of OEM wellnuts and Spring nuts will be required.  OEM Bodywork mounting tabs may require some trimming to mount Dzus® rivet plate to same location as the OEM Wellnuts and Spring Nuts.  The use of a razor blade, rotary trim tool and drill bit will help remove plastic ribs for space around clip and enlarge the mounting hole to fit the 6mm Dzus®  bolt.
NEW D8 Style Dzus® Panex Bolts:
  • New Generation Dzus®  Panex Bolt that is lighter than original D3 Style Dzus® Panex Bolt
  • 100% Compatible with old D3 Mounting Hardware.
  • Thinner main bolt shaft with 6mm Engagement head.
  • New smaller Black retaining washers.
Dzus Panex D8 - 6 Pack - Rivet - Black - 12mm Working LengthDzus Panex D8 - Single Bolt Kit - Silver - Rivet On - Washers - Rivets - 12mm Working Length
Combine 4pcs and 6pcs kits to create custom kit sizes...
4pcs kits 6pcs kits Total Number of Dzus®
1 - 4 pcs kit 1 - 6 pcs kit 10 Dzus® Pcs
2 - 4 pcs kit 1 - 6 pcs kit 14 Dzus®  Pcs
1 - 4 pcs kit 2 - 6 pcs kit 16 Dzus®  Pcs
Dzus®  Bolts Specs & Drawing
Dzus Panex D8 Bolt Specs - Drawing
Additional Dzus®  Bolt Specs / Info
  • (L) Working Length: 14mm
  • Shaft Length : 17mm
  • Grip Range: 5.5mm to 7.4mm
    • Maximum Grip with out washers
    • Minimum Grip using 2 washers
  • Minimum bodywork Hole size: 6.2mm
    • English: 1/4 Inch
Dzus® Clip Specs & Drawing
Dzus Panex D8 Rivet Plate Specs - Drawing
Dzus® Rivet Plate Specs / Info
  • Minimum flat space for rivet plate mounting: 33mm
  • Minimum clearance behind bodywork: 9mm
  • Grip Range: 5.5mm to 7.4mm
    • Maximum Grip with out washers
    • Minimum Grip using 2 washers
Dzus® is a Registered Trademark of Southco Inc.

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