Dzus 12 mm D Ring Bolt Clip On Silver4 Pack Ducati 748
Dzus D3 12 mm D Ring Bolt Clip On Silver 4 Pack Ducati 748

4pc: Ducati 748, 916, 996, 998, Dzus Classic (D3), D-Ring, Silver, WL=12mm

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Complete 4pc Dzus® Classic Kit attaching motorcycle bodywork together for Ducati's together. 
  • Everything you need to put 4 quick turn fasteners on your 748, 916, 996, 998 and other Older Ducati bodywork.
    • Note: This kit provides a "Snug" fit, See Fitting Information Below
  • 12mm Dzus® bolts grip up to 5.4mm total bodywork thickness
  • Dzus® Classic bolts fit Ducati OEM bodywork holes better than the new generation Dzus® (D8) bolts


Kit Includes:
4 - 6mm D-Ring Panex D3 Fasteners Length: 12mm
Coating: Zinc Plate with Chromate
4 - 6mm Clip on Panex D3 Retainers Coating: Zinc Plate with Chromate
8 - Retaining Washers. Material: High density polyethylene
Color: White
Dzus® Classic Style Panex Bolts (D3):
  • 1st Generation Dzus® Panex Bolt that fit Classic Ducati bodywork.
  • Dzus® Classic bolts are thicker and heavier than current D8 Style Dzus® Panex Bolt
  • 100% Compatible with newer D8 Mounting Hardware.
  • Machined engagement head.
  • Larger White retaining washers.
    • Smaller Black D8 Style washers are not compatible with Dzus® Classic (D3) Bolts



Fitting Information for Ducati's 748, 996 and 998 - "Snug" fit Dzus® bolts
This kit provides a "Snug" fit Dzus® bolts
Question: What is the difference between the Snug Fit 12mm Dzus® Bolts and Genuine Ducati Dzus® Bolts?  The difference between the two Dzus® bolts is 1mm in grip range and 2mm in bolt length.
  • The Genuine Ducati Dzus® bolt has a 13mm Grip range, with a shaft length of 17mm.
  • Snug Fit Dzus® bolts have a 12mm Grip range, with a shaft length of 15mm. (This is 2mm shorter than the Genuine Ducati Dzus® bolts found on the 748, 996 and 998.
  • If you find you want a SNUG Fit for your Dzus® bolts for your Ducati, then the 12mm Dzus® bolt kits is your best choice. 
    • Note: Inserting carefully is a must as you must get the bolt fully inserted to grip the clip on your Ducati.  This will give you a tighter grip that the OEM bolts.
  • Bright Silver finish is NOT AVAILABLE for the Genuine Ducati Dzus®  bolts.  So if you want a different colored Dzus® bolt, this is your best option.
  • Note 14mm Grip Range Dzus®  bolts may be "Loose" and come off while riding.
Compare - Ducati Dzus to 12mm Dzus
Note:  For The Newer Ducati 749, 999 and 1098 models, please order my "Street OEM Bodywork Kit" with longer bolts for a Factory Fit.  No Bending of the OEM clips are required to make the bodywork fit.  Also OEM fit for Yamaha R1 models with Dzus®  Fasteners.



Combine 4pcs and 6pcs kits to create custom kit sizes...
4pcs kits 6pcs kits Total Number of Dzus®
1 - 4 pcs kit 1 - 6 pcs kit 10 Dzus® Pcs
2 - 4 pcs kit 1 - 6 pcs kit 14 Dzus® Pcs
1 - 4 pcs kit 2 - 6 pcs kit 16 Dzus® Pcs



Dzus® Bolts Specs & Drawing
Additional Dzus® Bolt Specs / Info
  • (L) Working Length: 12mm
  • Shaft Length : 15mm
  • Grip Range: 3.5mm to 5.4mm
    • Maximum Grip with out washers
    • Minimum Grip using 2 washers
  • Minimum bodywork Hole size: 7.2mm
    • English: 9/32nd Inch



Dzus® Clip Specs & Drawing
Dzus® Clip Specs / Info
  • Max hole from edge: 12mm
  • Minimum flat space for clip: 25mm
  • Minimum clearance behind bodywork:12mm
  • Grip Range: 3.5mm to 5.4mm
    • Maximum Grip with out washers
    • Minimum Grip using 2 washers



Dzus® is a Registered Trademark of Southco Inc.



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