Guide: Installing Dzus Panex - Clip Plates

Install method: Dzus Panex Clip-On

1. Tools:

  • Stepped Drill Bit – OR – ¼” Drill Bit
  • 1/16” Drill Bit
  • Measuring Tape

2. Check

  • Check that flange has 1" or more space
  • If flange is short, clip will not be fully seated

3. Drill Pilot Holes for Dzus bolt hole:

  • With Clip-On plate located, use 1/16” drill bit to dill a pilot hole to accurately locate the Dzus bolt hole.

4. Use Backside center Dzus bolt hole to locate outer hole:

  • Remove Clip
  • Hold bodywork together
  • Use the 1/16” Drill bit from backside and drill though front bodywork to locate the outer hole.

5. Enlarge the Dzus bolt holes:

  • Use the stepped drill bit hole for the bolt on both the inner and outer panel to ¼”.
  • Note: Can use a ¼” Drill bit in a pinch, but a stepped drill bit makes a cleaner hole.

6. Install bolt:

  • Install the bolt though the outer panel
    • Use a plastic washer on both the inside and outside to hold the bolt to the outer bodywork. The inside washer will protect your paint from wear.
  • Insert bolt though inner panel and turn bolt to engage.
    • It is normal to be difficult to turn the bolt the first time.
    • If the bolt seems “Loose”, you can add a second washer on the bolt to snug up the fit.