Dzus 101: Working Length

Working Length: Why is that not the same as the shaft length???

Dzus bolts have their own measuring system. The key measurement for a Dzus bolt is the distance between the locked position and the base of the bolt head. In the Dzus world, this is known as the Working Length.

To get the best fit you need to know two things.

  • What is the thickness of the bodywork you want to hold together.
  • What is the Grip Range of the Dzus Bolt and Receptacle.

In the above example we used most common Dzus Bolt, the Panex style. The Panex Receptacles use between 6.6 to 7.5mm of the Bolts Working Length. When you subtract the Receptacle Range from the 12mm Working Length Dzus Bolt, you get the Grip Range. In this case, the Grip Range is between 5.4 and 4.5mm.