Dzus 101: The Basics: Bolt and Receptacle Types

Install method: Dzus Panex Clip-On

Bolt Types: At, we stock almost exclusively three Dzus bolts types. You can tell the difference between the three styles by the engagement method.

  • Dzus Panex: Is a Heavy Duty Dzus bolt, with grooves that engages into “Teeth” on the matching receptacle.
  • Dzus Pro: Is a Super Duty Dzus bolt, with a slot that engages into a matching wire receptacle.
  • Dzus Lion: AKA Sharkskin is a Medium Duty Dzus bolt, with an arrow tip that engages into a slot in the matching receptacle.

Receptacle Types: Sometimes you may have bought some used bodywork and it only came with the mounting hardware attached.

  • First, we always recommend replacing the hardware with new hardware in the kit.
  • But the image below gives you a starting point to what kind of Dzus bolt might have been used.